Available Workshops

The LDABC The Learning Curve offers a number of workshops developed with several audiences in mind.  Please contact us to enquire about the possibility of a workshop being offered for your group.  Currently, we offer workshops on:

Learning Disabilities:  This 2-3 hour workshop offers participants the opportunity to experience what it may feel like to have a learning disability, the symptoms and behaviors that may indicate a learning disability may be present and the strategies that may assist people with learning disabilities. A group format is offered for 5-50 people.

Attention Deficit (Hyperactivity) Disorder:  What is ADHD and What Can We Do About It?  The good news is…Lots!  Participants gain a historical perspective of this disorder, an introduction to the current research and an understanding of what strategies can assist those diagnosed with ADHD to succeed.

Social Skills: While the link between LD and Social Skills is debated, this workshop will present an informative view on all sides and most importantly provide information that will assist practitioners and/or parents to assess and implement strategies to assist children to develop these important life skills.