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About the LDABC Learning Curve

Formerly the Learning Disabilities Association
of BC South Vancouver Island Chapter

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Our Story
About Us

LDABC The Learning Curve supports families, and educates and advocates for children and youth experiencing learning and/or behavioral challenges.

The South Vancouver Island Chapter was formed in 1981 by a group of committed parents and teachers who were concerned about their children, or children in their classrooms who were not reaching their potential. LDA-SVI is the only organization on Vancouver Island providing these specialized programs for children and youth.

Each year The Learning Curve’s staff and an army of volunteers serve over 2,500 children and youth, their families, and concerned professionals. 

Our Support
We currently offer the following programs and services to our community:

Academic Skills Program

Our Academic Skills program is designed to give students the opportunity to develop their abilities in a wide range of skills.

Reading and Writing Program

At LDABC The Learning Curve, we teach not only reading and writing but also thinking skills.

Emotional & Social Development Program

Our programs are designed to be fun and use play to explore common themes for children and youth with learning and behavior challenges.

B.C. Wide Online Reading Program

LEXIA is an engaging online program that addresses the development of reading, spelling, and oral language skills.
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  • Annual Professional Development Conference
  • Resource Centre/Lending Library
  • Outreach Program
  • Displays/Presentations
  • Lead and AD/HD Workshops
  • Parent Education/Support Events
  • Publications and Websites
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  • Parent Support
  • Youth Support
  • Know Your Rights booklets
  • Systemic Advocacy at the provincial level
Our Staff Members

Executive Director aka Professor Playdough

Debbie Cybulski, RSW

Debbie is a Registered Social Worker and is currently the Executive Director of LDABC. She has worked, volunteered, played alongside, and cared for children and their families in various capacities for over30 years. Regardless of her role, she believes that every child she meets can reach their full human potential and parents and care providers are their best bet. 

Early Childhood Mentor Project Consultant 

Cristi Oldfield Lindsay

 Cristi is passionate about coming alongside and providing support for Parents and Care Providers who endeavor to make sense of their children from the inside-out. Drawing from Dr. Gordon Neufeld’s developmental theory, she champions the power of relationship as the ultimate answer to growth. She offers insight into many common challenges facing families today and provides a space for discussion and deeper understanding.

Reading, and Writing Remediation Tutor

Hayley Henderson, M. Ed

Hayley has many years of experience as an educator in the public education system in BC and as a practicum supervisor for education students at the University of Victoria. She is deeply committed to supporting children, youth and their families and is trained in Orton-Gillingham and Barton reading remediation.   

Lexia, BC Reads Online Coordinator and Reading and Writing Program Consultant 

Simona Mocan, Educational Consultant

Simona Mocan is a certified school psychologist and teacher.  She works full time in BC as a District Psychologist.  Not only does she lead and monitor the progress children make on our Lexia platform, but our team in Victoria is also thankful to have her on board for consultations and placing children and youth in the program that best suits their needs. She is an advocate for children and youth and endeavors to bring the science of reading to all those who are interested. 

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