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Additional Information by LDABC Learning Curve

Camp Eureka

Eureka Outdoor Camp is operated by the Advantage Society for Children with Learning Disabilities in British Columbia. The Advantage Society has been offering outdoor recreational programs for children and adolescents with invisible disabilities since 1980. Check out their site for detailed camp information

All Kinds of Minds

A Non-Profit Institute for the Understanding of Differences in Learning

The Special Needs Opportunity Windows Project (SNOW)

SNOW is a provider of online resources and professional development opportunities for educators and parents of students with special needs.

Electronic Book on ADHD

A free resource book from Pediatric Neurological Associates.

The Autism Society of BC

The Autism Society of British Columbia (ASBC) was started in 1974. We are a parent base directed society providing support to people with autism and their families in British Columbia and Yukon

Learning Disabilities Association Canada

The Association Home page will put you in contact with Associations around the Country. It is a good place to start. There is basic information about learning disabilities. Some associations list their websites or you may go directly to Vancouver Chapter.

Learning Disabilities Online

An interactive guide to learning disabilities for parents, teachers, children, and youth. The site is maintained by Project WETA, Washington, DC. The site is a wealth of LD-related information and is updated weekly.

The Federation of Invisible Disabilities

This Canadian site has a forum for parents and professionals to collaborate on issues such as brain injuries, autism, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, Learning Disabilities, etc. Worth a look!

Learning Disabilities Association of British Columbia –

This is the chapter’s home page. The site has current information including links, resources upcoming conferences, and more.

LD Pride Online

This is the online home of Vancouver Island Invisible Disability Association, a nonprofit organization serving adults with a wide range of invisible disabilities including learning disabilities, Attention Deficit Disorder, Asperger’s Syndrome, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, and mental illness. It is also an excellent source of information and support for adults with invisible disabilities.

Learning Disabilities Resource

A wealth of information and links to other resources. A good source for Special Education Technology, including consumer tips.

International Dyslexia Association

This is the main home page. It will lead you to other IDA around the world including Canada. This is an extensive site with current information and research developments in the area of dyslexia. There are several links to more information.

Brain Injury Association (CAN.)

A general information site with chat and hundreds of associated links. An excellent start for information in this category. Links to Provincial and Local Associations on the web including Nipissing, Newfoundland, Ontario, and Saskatchewan. Canadian and US referrals.

Brain Injury Association (USA)

A great supplement to the Canadian version. Topics covered include prevention, research, international conferences, publications, a kid’s corner, and fantastic links with a personal touch. If you are interested in this field this site is a must.

Attention Deficits Disorder Association

Although US-originated a great site for everyone to bookmark. It includes general information about ADD, parent tips, and research results. The site is mostly Links that are rated according to good, better, best. This can save a lot of time when looking for good information. This is one of the better ADD dedicated sites.

Children and Adults with Attention Deficits Disorder – CHADD (USA)

This site is much more established than its Canadian counterpart. Bookmark it as a good supplement.

Tourrette Syndrome Foundation of Canada

A great interactive site for the whole family. French and English, with a cradle to grave approach for organizing information.

Information Services, Canadian Centre on Substance

A searchable database of current information and research related to Fetal Alcohol Effects and Syndrom. A good start to this topic and the web as extensive Links have been provided.

Learning Disabilities Resource Community

The LDRC is a virtual information community open to anyone affected by learning disabilities either as an individual with an LD, a parent, teacher, researcher, or a concerned community member.

Resource Centre

Our resource center has a lending library with over 1,000 resources on Learning Disabilities and related topics. A dedicated volunteer is there during working hours to answer any of your questions and provide any additional information about our programs and services.

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