Social Skills Programs

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Daily social life can be challenging and confusing, both in school and at home. Through a variety of activities and discussions, our social development program covers several skill areas geared to increase children’s abilities to manage and succeed in their daily interactions with others.

An underlying theme of this program is that before we can begin to connect with and understand others, it is important for us to understand ourselves. Participants are provided with step-by-step strategies and concrete examples to increase their awareness of and control of their own emotions (such as frustration and anxiety). Below are just some of the skills and behaviours that are covered:

  • Self awareness is covered through understanding our own personal boundaries, values and beliefs. Once participants understand what their personal boundaries, values and beliefs are, it is possible for them to learn and be aware of and respect other people’s boundaries, values and beliefs.
  • Self-regulation is taught through helping children with strategies for them to ‘be in charge of themselves’. Social problem solving is explored through group role-play and strategies that help children progress beyond ‘ignoring’ or ‘walking way’.
  • Assertive communication is taught through step-by-step strategies that give children the tools to clearly and solidly stating their feelings and needs (i.e. through using ‘I’ statements and appropriate body language). The importance of assertive communication is also explored through comparing the consequences of aggressive, assertive and passive communication.

Over the course of the program, children are provided with the opportunity and with the feedback to understand and develop their own inner strength and resilience in the face of challenges (regardless of what those are). This positive esteem building experience allows children to take risks and learn and understand they are unique individuals – the building blocks for developing positive relationships.

Please download the latest application form for program dates, available times and locations. No child is turned away. Financial assistance is available for those who need it. Contact us for more information.

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