Advocacy for Students

School can be difficult for students who have Learning Disabilities and/or Attention Deficit Disorder. Many students with LD don’t like school. They find the work too hard or too boring. Some kids have bad experiences or don’t have their needs met. Understanding your Learning Disability and what can be done to help takes time and effort.

You might wonder why bother? THIS IS ULTIMATELY ABOUT YOU, and you will benefit for the rest of your life if you learn how to help yourself now. You need to believe in yourself. Remember, no one is good at everything – Like all people, people with LD have talents and skills that are unique! You also deserve and will require to be treated respectfully if you are to find those special talents. Like all children and youth, you need support and understanding!

At school, there are many people involved in making sure you receive an appropriate education. You need to take responsibility for knowing what you are entitled to and what you are responsible for in your education. This hand-book will help you.

Student Advocacy Booklet